Seeing a Private GP - Frequently Asked Questions

Private GP services such as Your Doctor in Henlow, Wexham and Tring, are still a relatively new concept - although they are quickly growing in popularity, as patients discover the benefits of using services such as ours.

Many people who contact us for the first time have similar questions about using a private GP, so we thought we would answer some of the most common concerns here:

Yes, at Your Doctor we encourage you to keep your relationship with your NHS GP. We want to put control of your healthcare back into your hands, so you are free to mix and match NHS and private GP services as you wish.

We don’t have access to your NHS medical records, however you can request a summary of your notes from your GP, which we can put onto your Your Doctor records. We are also happy to liaise with your NHS GP over specific health issues if you wish us to do so.  

Yes. Anyone practicing as a GP in the UK is required to hold the same levels of qualifications and training, whether they work for the NHS or private practices. All of our GPs started their careers in the NHS, and all still work in NHS practices to varying degrees as well as undertaking private work.

In addition, we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) - the body who monitors, inspects and regulates all health and social care services in the UK, to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety.

If you need a referral to a specialist, we will be pleased to refer you to one of our network of private consultants, however we are unable to refer you to an NHS specialist, except in the case of an emergency, where an urgent A&E visit is required. 

A routine Pay-As-You-Go or one-off Private GP appointment at Your Doctor costs £69.99 for a 15 minute appointment, or £119.99 for 30 minutes. We also offer a range of affordable membership packages, starting from just £39.99 per month, which offer unlimited appointments as well as a discount off treatments and services.

You can find a price list for some of our most common treatments and services here.

All private health insurance policies are different, so check with your provider whether they cover the costs of Private GP services. If so, we are happy to provide you with copies of invoices so that you can make a claim if applicable. 

With a private prescription you pay the true cost of the medication, rather than the NHS prescription charge, which is a standard charge regardless of what kind of medication you need. Many common medications actually cost less than the NHS prescription charge, so you may make a saving by having a private prescription.

At Your Doctor there are no hidden charges. Our prices are transparent, and all costs will be clearly explained to you before you begin any treatment. We list prices on our website for our most common treatments and services, or you can give us a call for a quote on anything you don’t see listed online. 

All Private GPs are different, but at Your Doctor we offer many of the same services that you would find at your NHS practise, as well as some not commonly available on the NHS. Many of our services are outlined on our website, including:

If you don’t see the service you require on our website, simply contact us to enquire - we may well be able to help you.

You can see a Private GP at Your Doctor without needing to register as a member. Our affordable Pay As You Go system means that you can simply pay for your appointments as and when you need them.

If you do decide to join us as a member, you will be entitled to unlimited appointments within your membership package, as well as discount off treatments and services.

If you need an urgent GP appointment, we can often see you on the same day that you enquire, and almost always within 24 hours. Contact us today to book.

The above are some of the most common questions that we receive about Private GP services, and there are even more details about Your Doctor services on our main FAQs page here.


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