The Insomnia Clinic


Kathryn Pinkham is the founder of The Insomnia Clinic, one of the UK’s only specialist insomnia services. The Insomnia Clinic trains and provides a network of qualified, insomnia specialists who are experts at working with people who suffer with poor sleep.

The Insomnia Clinic offers treatment to both individuals and also companies who want to reduce absenteeism in the workplace. 

The approach used is  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia (CBT-i), the recommended treatment by the NHS for poor sleep. The techniques used help people to change and improve sleep patterns and manage anxiety around sleep.

“I started The Insomnia Clinic after working in mental health and seeing how many people are affected by poor sleep. The condition is very curable, however long or how severely a person suffers. Our mission statement is to get the UK sleeping better without the use of medication and we aim to do this by continuing to expand our team of sleep specialists across the UK.”

The service offers face to face, Skype and online options for poor sleepers.

Kathryn now offers a clinic in South Bucks.

0844 502 0485.