Sonia Grimes founded YOUtrition in 2014 after studying nutrition extensively. The qualifications Sonia gained are all certified by the prestigious Association for Nutrition (AfN). As well as these industry recognized courses, Sonia reads avidly on all aspects of nutrition and has completed numerous Life Coaching and NLP programs in London.

As a former addict Sonia knows from long and painful experience how difficult it can seem to be to make lifelong changes, even when they are what we want most. How many times have we asked ourselves, “Why?” in despair when we have yet again eaten or drunk something we know is going to make us feel bad and, in our own eyes at the very least, look bad?

Sonia’s approach is tailored to your specific needs, personal, supportive and engaging. Sonia runs the enormously successful YOUtrition 6 WEEK Program, with small classes of up to 20 clients, works with clients on a one-to-one basis from her consulting room and writes the YOUtrition Programmes. For more information on either the YOUtrition 6 Week Program or One-to-One sessions.

See Sonia talk about her experience with Holly & Phil on This Morning.

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