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10 Incredible Medical Facts Which You May Not Know!


1. Chewing mint flavoured chewing gum is thought to be able to decrease tiredness and can temporarily improve memory by up to 35%. 

2. There are 1000+ chemicals in a cup of coffee and only 26 of these have been studied. 

3. On average left-handed people die nine years earlier than right-handed people.

4. You are about one centimetre taller in the morning than in the evening.

5. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is far less common in tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world and no one knows why. One school of thought is that it is to do with the increased dairy consumption in colder parts of the world, but this is not proven.

6. Although artificial knees, hands, skin and many other things can be created in a lab, it is still impossible to create artificial blood.

7. Heart attacks are 20% more likely to occur on a Monday and no one knows why. Some researches have suggested that it could be linked to the stress of another working week. 

8. The average human body contains enough DNA to stretch to Pluto and back, 17 times!

9. Muscle tissue is three times more efficient at burning calories than fat. To maintian good fitness levels, adults aged 20-65 should aim to do 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity like cycling or fast walking or swimming a week.

10. Your body produces enough heat in only thirty minutes to boil over two litres of water through the heat produce when you exercise, metabolise food, sweat, exhale, excrete, urinate and much more!