February Promotion - Cardiovascular Assessment

The average age of a stroke victim has fallen significantly in the last decade with 4 in 10 cases now occurring in middle-aged adults. How much do you know about your cardiovascular health?

For February, we are offering discounted Cardiovascular Assessments to help patients identify their risk areas.

Our Cardiovascular Assessment includes:

  • Comprehensive blood testing including full blood count, inflammatory markers, bone profile, kidney function, sugar levels, liver function, calcium, HDL, LDL and Triglycerides (full cholesterol screen) 
  • A short lifestyle questionnaire
  • Height, weight and BMI measurement
  • Cardiovascular 10-year risk assessment
  • Blood pressure check

The assessment will be carried out over a 15 minute appointment to take the blood and perform the examination. A follow-up 15 minute telephone consultation will take place to explain the results and offer up advice for lifestyle changes or further treatment.

February offer £174.99

(Usual price £224.99)