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Prostate Screening Awareness

Much has been publicised recently about the importance of prostate screening. At Your Doctor we offer a simple blood test that checks for the amount of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in your blood. A small amount of the PSA protein in produced by normal cells in the prostate, but prostate cancer cells also produce it so a level that’s unusually high may suggest that you have a problem with your prostate, but not necessarily cancer.

The National League has chosen leading men's health charity Prostate Cancer UK as its first ever official charity partner, to unite in the fight against the UK's most prevalent male cancer...

In a first for English football a national football league will change its branding mid-season. 

Vanarama, the title sponsor of the National League, has changed its name to MANarama throughout the month of September to raise awareness of a deadly cancer that kills one man every 45 minutes.

The rebranding to the MANarama National League features a striking new league logo to highlight their support for Prostate Cancer UK – and Vanarama's own site has also been completely rebranded to reflect its commitment to a fundraising drive which will see them aim to raise £150,000.

A new captain's armband, which will be worn by all MANARAMA National League club captains on Non-League Day on Saturday, October 13th, has also been unveiled. The 34 matches will see all skippers proudly displaying the unique bright orange band, which includes the iconic Prostate Cancer UK logo, to illustrate their clubs' united stand against the most common cancer in men.

Vanarama targets huge donation

Our partner Vanarama has also pledged to raise £150,000 in just 43 days from a vehicle-leasing incentive that runs across September, as they tell the nation to 'lease a van, save a man'. Vanarama and its newly-launched car leasing platform, Motorama, will donate £50 for every vehicle leased from the start of September until Non-League Day, when a cheque will be presented on October 13th at FC Halifax Town vs Chesterfield live on BT Sport. From September 1 until Non-League day 688 men will die from prostate cancer, emphasising the need to act.

On board with Non-League Day for the fifth time, Prostate Cancer UK raised £15,000 last year as more than 50 clubs joined the fight against the deadliest opponent of all, and this year's day is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever with clubs from across the Non-League pyramid joining forces in a jam-packed day of activity.

About Prostate Screening

Testing is advised for all men over the age of 50. If, however, you are over 45 and have a higher risk of prostate cancer, for example if you’re black or you have a family history of it you might want to get tested sooner. If you have any symptoms that are concerning you speak to a GP as soon as possible.

PSA blood test £92.75

Consultation fee £69.99

Symptoms to look out for include:

• A weak or slow urinary stream

• A feeling that you can’t completely empty your bladder

• Difficulty starting urination

• Urgency to urinate – sometimes leaking

• Getting up frequently to urinate at night

• A urinary stream that starts and stops

• Burning or pain during urination

Q. Why are men urged to get tested over the age of 50?

A. As men age, the prostate naturally gets bigger which can cause problems in some men. This is called an enlarged prostate. This is not cancer and there are ways to treat it.

Q. How does it affect urination?

A. As the prostate grows it presses on the tube you urinate through (urethra) and can slow down or stop the flow.

Q. Does having an enlarged prostate increase my chances of getting prostate cancer?

A. No. It doesn’t increase your risk of getting cancer but it is possible to have an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer at the same time.

Q. Does having prostate cancer always produce symptoms?

A. Most men with early prostate cancer don’t have any symptoms, which is why regular screening is so important.

Q. Once I’ve had a PSA test, how long will I have to wait to get the results? 

A. The results will be available the next day and the doctor will explain them to you and discuss further treatment options if required.