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It's official, we're open for business!

It’s been months in the making and we are delighted to finally be able to officially announce the opening of Your Doctor, a brand new, private GP service located at Park Hill Clinic, Wexham, Bucks, offering personalised and dedicated care to suit you and your family’s needs

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10 'Did you know' medical facts for women

1. Simple tricks like staying hydrated, could be the main eliminator of period pain and the bloated sensation a lot of women feel. It is also true that eating a small amount of dark chocolate encourages the secretion of serotonin which soothes anxiety and moodiness.

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10 Tips For Helping Your Teenager With Their Health

Being a teenager can be a stressful time whether it’s because your body is changing, you are in a permanent state of learning or because of all the pressures of modern life. Here are 10 of the best lifestyle tips you can give to your teenager.

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How Exercise Can Help Fight Medical Conditions

Evidence of the benefits of exercising is overwhelming these days. With most medical conditions, it is still important that you continue to exercise but it is essential that you do exercises that are appropriate to you; remember even walking, stretching or housework helps. To follow are ten suggestions of how to use exercise to feel better, but make sure that you first get advice from your GP if you have any injuries or illnesses.

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10 Things You Might Not Know About The Effects of Alcohol

Christmas is the season not only of goodwill, but also of back-to-back partying usually involving a tipple or two! We all know that alcohol in excess isn’t good for us, but here are a few facts from Your Doctor about alcohol that you may not know.

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