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Why Our Sleep is Affected by the Clocks Going Back, and How To Adjust

When the clocks change, our body clock can also be disrupted, because our body takes its sleeping cues from the rising and setting of the sun. Read Dr Di Cuffa's transition tips for when the clocks change.

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Back to School - Your Child's Health

Stationery supplies have been restocked and new school shoes have been purchased (those feet just won’t stop growing!) but back to school also means some predicaments that no family wants to think about such as classroom critters - head lice, worms and chickenpox - all of which have greeted several generations of children and their parents. However as preventative measures are confusing at best, here is our simple advice to stop you and child scratching your heads!

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The Anti-Vax Movement - a Public Health Timebomb

Spring 2015 saw the first death from measles in the United States in 12 years. Now, in 2019, measles outbreaks have sprung up in 10 US states. But it’s not just in the States. In England in 2017 there were 259 measles cases which rose to 966 in 2018. In an unvaccinated population, one person with measles can infect 12 to 18 others.

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Lyme Disease - What You Need To Know

Caught quickly, Lyme can be easily treated - but if not, it can cause serious, permanent damage to joints and the nervous system. There's never been a better time to learn how to protect yourself and what signs to look for.

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What Are The Symptoms of Prostate Problems?

Many men with early prostate cancer don't have symptoms. Find out what to look for and how to be tested for PSA levels.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Thyroid Problems?

Find out the symptoms of thyroid problems and how to check if your thyroid is working properly.

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