Full UK Allergy Profile Test

Allergies are becoming more common around the world, and can cause symptoms from the mildly irritating to the life-threatening. At Your Doctor clinics in Wexham and Tring, if you suspect that you or a member of your families has an allergy, we can conduct a wide range of blood tests to determine exactly what you are allergic to.

The Full UK Allergy Profile is a simple blood test carried out in one of our clinics, which tests for the UK’s most common allergies.

This includes testing for common UK food allergies such as cow’s milk, cod, peanuts, egg white, soya bean and wheat, as well as airborne allergens such as grasses, house dust mites and dog and cat hair. Allergy to latex is also tested.

We know that nobody likes waiting for the outcome of tests, so we aim to have your results back within 2-3 working days - and you can check them online in your secure Your Doctor Patient Portal.

Once you have your results, we can offer ongoing advice about the best ways to manage any allergies that you may have, to get you back to enjoying a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle as quickly as possible!


The Full UK Profile Allergy Test costs £350.


Private allergy testing is available at both of our clinics:

Your Doctor Wexham: Park Hall Clinic, Wexham Park Hall, Wexham Street, Bucks SL3 6NB. 

Your Doctor Tring: Health & Wellbeing Centre, Champneys Tring, Chesham Road, Wigginton, Herts, HP23 6HY. 


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