Private Microsuction Of The Ear

Microsuction is a safer and more effective alternative to ear syringing, conducted using a high-powered microscope and delicate instruments to vacuum the ear. It can be used as part of the treatment of:

  • Ear wax removal
  • Blocked ears/deafness
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Discharging ears

Private Microsuction treatment is carried out at Your Doctor's Tring surgery by our ENT specialist Dr Riccardo Di Cuffa, and is considered by Dr Di Cuffa and other experts to be the gold standard treatment for ear problems such as those listed above. 

Traditional ear syringing uses water to ‘flush out’ wax. It is not always effective and can frequently cause more complications for the patient, including infection, ear drum perforation or damage to the ear canal. 

Microsuction is a much safer and more effective treatment, since the doctor uses a microscope to see the ear canal in detail throughout the procedure, and a delicate ‘vaccuum’-like instrument to precisely remove wax.

As the procedure is carried out by a specialist GP, a full assessment of your ears will be carried out and a prescription for any medication deemed appropriate can be issued within the consultation as part of the fee.


Ear wax removal, 1 ear appointment, 15 minutes, £95

Ear wax removal, 2 ear appointment, 20 minutes £130

Why is our service more expensive than some other ear microsuction clinics?

You may find other ear microsuction services at a lower cost to ours, however, we would advise you to do your research when choosing a clinic. 

There are numerous ear wax removal services in the local area. Whilst many are good, very few will utilise the skills of a doctor. These services tend to be carried out by technicians or nurses. The advantage of our service being carried out by a doctor is that if there are other underlying problems e.g. middle ear diseases, infection etc, the Doctor can treat these issues, and, if necessary, refer to an ENT specialist for further assessment if required. This is not available at most ear wax clinics.

By choosing to have your ear wax removed with us, you are opting for this delicate procedure to be performed by an ENT specialist GP, using the latest equipment, to ensure the best possible outcome for your hearing. We use a high-powered microscope throughout the treatment, so that the GP can see inside your ear at all times during procedure, ensuring that all wax can be removed safely, without risking damage to the ear.

In comparison, some lower-cost services simply use suction to remove the wax, without having a constant view of the ear canal - which can be a risky procedure. Our service also includes a full GP assessment of your ear health, and a prescription for any medication required - for example, antibiotics if any signs of infection are seen. 

When it comes to looking after your hearing, we think it’s worth spending a few extra pounds for the safest and most effective treatment, performed by a specialist GP. Our service is also regulated by the CQC.


Private Microsuction of the Ear is available now at our Tring clinic:

Your Doctor Tring: Health & Wellbeing Centre, Champneys Tring, Chesham Road, Wigginton, Herts, HP23 6HY. Tel: 01442 870551


Contact us to discuss your requirements further or to book an appointment.