Your Doctor LiveWell Assessment

Your Doctor is for wellness, not just illness.

Do you often feel tired? Lacking in energy? Need to get some vah-vah-voom back in your step?

The daily grind can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing, both in the here and now, and contributing to longer term health concerns.

But it’s amazing how making a few small changes to our daily routines, can have a huge positive impact on how we feel. Often it just takes some simple tweaks to make a big difference.

The Your Doctor LiveWell Assessment is our bespoke wellness review, where you’ll spend a full 45 minutes with a doctor’s undivided attention.

You’ll have a chance to discuss all aspects of your lifestyle - including stress, diet, exercise and sleep, as well as any concerns or questions you may have about your health.

Using this information, the doctor will give you tailored advice about how your current approach could be affecting your health, and provide a range of tips that could improve how you feel, both now and in the future.

It’s time to feel better than you ever have before!

Cost: £150 or FREE to Your Doctor Members.


LiveWell Assessments are available at both of our clinics:

Your Doctor Wexham: Park Hall Clinic, Wexham Park Hall, Wexham Street, Bucks SL3 6NB. 

Your Doctor Tring: Health & Wellbeing Centre, Champneys Tring, Chesham Road, Wigginton, Herts, HP23 6HY. 


Contact us on 0330 088 2020 to book your appointment, or to ask about our other services.