Your Doctor

Blood Testing

At Your Doctor we offer a comprehensive range of blood tests which enable our doctors to make accurate diagnoses and provide the best treatment for a wide range of illnesses and conditions. With quick access to appointments and fast turnaround of test results we aim to put our patients' minds at rest.

A simple blood test can be all that is required to determine if you are suffering from a particular disease or infection. We provide packages covering up 30 different tests which are more cost effective and give the doctors a greater overview of your general health. Some of the most common tests include:

DL2 Full blood count and blood chemistry

30 checks including liver & kidney function, sugar levels, cholesterol, blood count, and inflammatory markers - £89.25

DL6 WellPerson Profile

A DL2 profile with the addition of Thyroid and Ferritin - £157.50

DL7 WellMan Profile

All the DL6 components with addition of a prostate test - £178.50 +Cholesterol - £197.50

DL8 WellWoman Profile

All the DL6 components with the addition of a Vitamin D test - £197.75 +Cholesterol - £206.50

Vitamin D test - £107.62

Thyroid - £98.00

PSA (Prostate) - £89.25

Liver Function - £71.75

HbA1c (Glucose) - £79.99


The price of tests will depend on the individual test, or combination of tests required. . We can perform over 1000 tests so please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail. Members of Your Doctor receive a discount off blood testing.