Private Cervical Screening (Smear Test)

At Your Doctor in Tring & Wexham our GPs are pleased to offer cervical screening (previously known as smear testing) to women of any age. Our service also includes testing for HPV, the common virus which causes almost all cases of cervical cancer.

What Is Cervical Screening?

During cervical screening, a small sample of cells is taken from the cervix and checked under a microscope for abnormalities, including looking for the presence of human papilloma virus (HPV), the virus that can cause abnormal cells. 

An abnormal cervical screening test does not mean that you definitely have cancer. Most abnormal results are due to signs of HPV and/or the presence of pre-cancerous cells - which can be simply treated to prevent the possibility of them developing into cancer.

Who should have a cervical screening?

The NHS Cervical Screening Programme invites women aged 25 to 49 to be screened every three years, and those aged 50 to 64 are offered screening every five years.  At Your Doctor we are happy to screen women of any age, at more frequent intervals than the national screening programme.

Costs for Cervical Screening including HPV test

At Your Doctor in Tring & Wexham, cervical screening is Doctor-led.

  • Pay-As-You-Go patients: £260 for the 30 minute consultation and combined test
  • Your Doctor Members: £140 for the combined test


Private Cervical Screening (smear tests) are available at our Wexham and Tring clinics:

Your Doctor Wexham: Park Hall Clinic, Wexham Park Hall, Wexham Street, Bucks SL3 6NB. 

Your Doctor Tring: Health & Wellbeing Centre, Champneys Tring, Chesham Road, Wigginton, Herts, HP23 6HY. 

Tel: 0330 088 2020


Contact us to book your private cervical screening at our Wexham or Tring surgeries, or to ask about our other services.