Private Flu Vaccinations For Adults & Children

Influenza is a viral disease that usually strikes between October and May. The influenza vaccination (sometimes known as a flu jab) is an annual vaccination, using a flu vaccine specific for a given year, to protect against the highly variable influenza virus. 

**The supply of flu vaccinations is severely limited this year due to high demand. We have a limited number of vaccinations which will be available on a strictly first come, first served basis**

For Winter 2020/21 we are once again pleased to offer flu vaccinations at our Tring and Wexham clinics. The strains covered will be announced shortly, and flu jabs will be available from 28th September 2020.

The Coronavirus pandemic, combined with the recent expansion of the NHS flu vaccination programme, has placed enormous strain on vaccine manufacturers this year, meaning that supplies are more limited than usual. If you would like a flu jab, we recommend booking in as soon as possible, as our stocks are likely to be in very high demand.

These same factors have unfortunately also led to an increase in the price we pay to the vaccine manufacturer, which means that regretfully we have been forced to increase the Pay As You Go flu jab price to £22 per person this year. Your Doctor Members will still be entitled to a free flu jab as part of their membership. Become a Your Doctor member from just £48.00 per month.

Vaccinations are available at our Tring and Wexham clinics:

Your Doctor Wexham: Park Hall Clinic, Wexham Park Hall, Wexham Street, Bucks SL3 6NB. 

Your Doctor Tring: Health & Wellbeing Centre, Champneys Tring, Chesham Road, Wigginton, Herts, HP23 6HY. 

Contact us on 0330 088 2020 to book an appointment for you and your family's flu vaccinations, or to find out more about vaccinating your workforce.


Flu Facts:

What Is Flu?

Flu is an acute viral respiratory infection, which can easily be spread when in close contact with other people - at school, work or simply in everyday public places.

What Are The Symptoms Of Flu?

Symptoms of flu usually include a high temperature of 38c or above, muscle aches and pains, a headache, loss of appetite and exhaustion.

Why Is Flu Vaccination Important?

Vaccination is the most effective way of preventing yourself and others around you from getting flu. Each year the flu strain changes, and a new vaccination is created to protect against the latest predicted strain - so it's important to get vaccinated every year.

Does The Flu Vaccine Give You Flu?

The simple answer is no. The vaccination contains inactivated virus strains, so it can't give you the flu. The vaccine can however take up to two weeks to give full protection, so it is still possible to catch the flu during this period.

How Does The Flu Vaccine Work?

Roughly 7-10 days after having the vaccine, your body produces antibodies that help to protect you against similar viruses that may infect you.

We also offer a wide range of other vaccination services, including some that are not routinely available to all on the NHS, including Meningitis B, Meningitis C, Chickenpox, Shingles & HPV, as well as travel and other adult vaccinations.


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