Private HPV Vaccination For Boys and Girls

HPV Vaccination for people of all genders is available now, at Your Doctor Tring and Wexham Clinics. Contact us to book HPV or other vaccinations today.

What is the HPV virus, and why should my child be vaccinated against HPV?

HPV is an extremely common virus that is spread through close skin to skin contact, often during sexual activity. Approximately 80% of people will be infected with HPV at some time during their lives, and in some people the HPV virus will cause certain kinds of cancers.  

It is well-known that HPV is the primary cause of cervical cancer in women. However, HPV can also cause cancers of the mouth, throat and neck, as well as cancers of the male genitals. Vaccinating males against HPV has the added benefit of helping to stop the spread of the disease to unvaccinated women via sexual contact. 

At Your Doctor, we offer the HPV vaccination to people of any gender.


Is the HPV vaccine available via the NHS?

At present, the HPV vaccine is offered to children in English schools in Year 8 (aged 12-13) via the NHS.

Whilst the female HPV vaccination programme has been underway via the NHS since 1998, routine HPV vaccination for boys only started in September 2019. 

Boys born before 2007 will not have been routinely vaccinated against HPV, and some girls miss out on their NHS vaccination, due to absence from school or other reasons. We recommend that all teenagers should be vaccinated against HPV, ideally before they become sexually active.

Can older children and adults have the HPV vaccination? 

At Your Doctor we offer the HPV vaccination to people of any age. If someone is or has been sexually active, we advise having a cervical smear test* (females) or swab test* (males) to check for the presence of HPV, before vaccination. If HPV is already present in the body, the vaccination will not be effective. 

Are there any side effects to the HPV vaccine?

The HPV vaccine is very safe and is effective at preventing HPV, and therefore the cancers that are linked to HPV. Many people who get the HPV vaccine have no side effects at all. Some people have extremely mild side effects such as a sore arm, mild fever, headache, tiredness or muscle pain. These are usually mild and pass very quickly.

Where is the HPV vaccination injection site?

The HPV vaccine is given as an injection in the upper arm.

How much does the HPV vaccine cost?

At Your Doctor, the HPV vaccine costs £175 per dose. In general, two doses are required for children aged 9-14 years old, and three doses for people aged 15+.

*If a HPV test is required before vaccination, additional charges will apply. For Pay As You Go patients, these are: Male swab test £227.49. Female cervical smear test £260. Your Doctor members receive their discount on these prices.


HPV Vaccinations are available now, at both of our clinics:

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