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Dr Petrie talks Apos Therapy

Dr Peter Petrie explains Your Doctor's collaboration with Emma James Physiotherapy to provide patients with the fantastic new Apos therapy treatment.

Sonia Grimes, YOUtrition - This Morning Holly & Phil

Sonia appeared on This Morning with Holly and Phil on 22nd March 2017. She talks about the struggles of being and alcoholic parent and how her son and life choices helped her over come that. YOUtrition is her program that uses a unique Nutrition plan to loss weight fast. Youtrition gives you losing weight motivation to help you and give tips and advice for support.This is weight loss without masses of exercise, just good food.

Know Your Numbers

Dr Chris Steele, MBE & The Best of Health are committed to help those people over 50 enjoy a longer, healthier life. By knowing your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and weight, you can take control of your health. Contact us at Your Doctor to access the tests that help you to know yours.

How well are you aging?

What are telomeres and why are they important? Watch this video by Lifelength and understand more about why they are important and how we can help you to discover crucial information about your health and develop a personalised plan to keep you healthy.

What is the Movember Foundation?

Heard about Movember, but may not be sure what we are all about?

The Movember Foundation is the leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health. They challenge men to grow a moustache or to make a commitment to get active and MOVE, during Movember (the month formerly known as November) to spark conversation and raise funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

National Diabetes Day - November 14th

Diabetes UK are on a myth-busting mission. They want everyone to know the facts about diabetes.

There is more than one type of diabetes. The causes and treatments are different. But they can all lead to the same serious health problems if not managed properly.

Get running with Couch to 5k

Laura hated exercise at school and never thought she'd see herself taking up running. But since she discovered the Couch to 5K programme she runs regularly, and not only is it improving her health, she really enjoys it

How much sugar is in your breakfast?

TV chef Jamie Oliver demonstrates how a 'healthy' breakfast can contain more sugar than you think.

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The Truth About: Stress

BBC documentary 2017

The World Health Organisation has described stress as 'the health epidemic of the 21st century'. In this programme Fiona Phillips wants to understand why we are experiencing increased amounts of stress in our lives and what actions we can take in order to reduce it. At 53 minutes and 15 seconds in the film, Fiona receives the result of a telomere test.